Who we are

Who we are may be best described by what we do, and what we do here isn’t just serve Vietnamese food… We meticulously perfect the taste of our food to match our customer’s palate while maintaining the authenticity of the Vietnamese cuisine!
Where It All Began

Growing up in Vietnam I (Chef Do) gained a real love for cooking.  It was mostly because of my mother.  She cooked a lot!  Whenever I got home, whatever I’d like to eat, she’d cook for me.

Mom is a good chef, and she showed me step by step how to cook.  She is my greatest influence!

“I gained a deep love for cooking from my mother”

I obtained other degrees for jobs that would pay me really well, but I still loved cooking, so . . .

I left my other endeavors to follow my heart, and after a long while working as a chef in other restaurants, the time finally came to open my own!

You & I Kitchen is personal. This is where I get to share what I love with my customers.

“This is where I perfect authentic Vietnamese cuisine by adapting the preferences and tastes of what people like”
– Sean Do


Awards & Recognition

Received Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

  • All Grand Opening sales were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • You & I Kitchen Grand Opening in December 27, 2019

What We Offer

Open Kitchen

An open kitchen allows us to better inteact with our guests. When we see them enjoy their food, we know it is good!

Fresh Ingredients

We use a lot of herbs. The pho broth is infused with healing herbs. Like a natural medicine designed to leave you feeling better.

Tasty Meals

We use good, balanced, and fresh ingredients prepared creatively so we can give our meals a delicious taste.

Creative Chefs

We try to create and adapt starting from authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the way people like their food to taste.

Authentic Cuisine

Chef Do’s recipes reflect his and his mother’s passion for cooking. Cooking which was first learned in Vietnam and continually improved over time.

Refreshing Teas

We love teas! We also love to share what we like! Tastes designed to complement the menu add to a well rounded degustatory experience.



Shane Pedroni
Shane Pedroni@username
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I have yet to try the food here but everyone is raving about it. Ive stopped in twice now to get a mango boba smoothie and both times it was really delicious. The boba quality definitely seems on point here. I will be coming back for more and Im excited to try the food. The atmosphere is calm and collected with nice pop music playing both times I went.
Kristin Perry
Kristin Perry@username
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This place is amazing! Everything was super flavorful, fresh and made from scratch. The cream cheese wontons were literally the best I've ever had! I didn't think to take a pic before we ate them all. We had eggroll vermillion, garlic steak vermillion and chicken lo mein.. all were super good! Also don't forget the Boba tea! The staff was so friendly and took great care of us. We will be back... definitely one of our new favorites!
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I loved this restaurant so much it was one of the most flavorful Vietnamese restaurant I’ve been too in Utah