• Cooking a noodle dish
  • Egg Roll Entree Plate, top view
  •  Stir-fried Ramen, shot of noodles eaten with chopsticks

Enjoy yourself

Where It All Began

Growing up in Vietnam I (Chef Do) gained a real love for cooking. It was mostly because of my mother. She cooked a lot! Whenever I got home, whatever I'd like to eat, she'd cook for me. Mom is a good chef, and she showed me step by step how to cook. She is my greatest influence! I obtained other degrees for jobs that would pay me really well, but I still loved cooking, so ...

I left my other endeavors to follow my heart, and after a long while working as a chef in other restaurants, the time finally came to open my own! You & I Kitchen is personal. This is where I get to share what I love with my customers. "This is where I perfect authentic Vietnamese cuisine by adapting the preferences and tastes of what people like"